Poem: Once Again

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Gerald Lenoir

Identity and Politics Strategy Analyst

May 31, 2020
By Gerald Lenoir

Once again, a brother lies dead in the street
Once again, he screams, “I can’t breathe” with no relief
Once again, policemen stand idly by
Once again, a man in blue condemns a Black man to die

Once again, Black lives really don’t matter
Once again, a Black body is crushed and shattered
Once again, Black lives are under attack
Once again, a man dies because he’s Black

Once again, we pray, we march, we dissent
Once again, we rage, we cry, we vent
Once again, we ask: how can this still be?
Once again, we answer: white supremacy

America has never paid for its original sin
Not for what is or what has always been
So, we continue to pay for the color of our skin

Not once, but again, and again, and again