Fællesskab and Belonging

Fællesskab, directly translated, means “community” or “togetherness”. Essentially, it is the feeling of belonging we get when we feel part of a meaningful group.

Policing Students Online: The Increasing Threat of School-Sanctioned Digital Surveillance

School closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic created yet another opportunity for the surveillance industry to profit off of a national crisis and exacerbate harm to already marginalized students.

Leaving Surveillance Tech Behind in Higher Education: Towards Trust and Abolition

Just a few years ago, using software for remote test proctoring was rare, but since COVID-19 forced most schools to move online, remote test-proctoring software is now used by millions of students every month.

Puerto Rico's Public School Closures

The Puerto Rico Department of Education has closed nearly half of the public schools in Puerto Rico since 2007. The impact on students, families, and surrounding neighborhoods is profound, yet it has largely been regarded as collateral damage of a necessary restructuring.

Blog: Reforming anti-Tax Prop 13 is a Racial Justice Issue

With an amendment to Proposition 13 on California’s ballot in 2020, the conversation around the measure’s impact and its potential reform is intensifying. Understanding how Prop 13 not only resulted in exacerbating inequality, but in some ways welcomed it—by those who stood to benefit from public disinvestment—helps underscore the urgency of its reform.

Subini Annamma on "Excavating Possibilities: Disability Critical Race Theory (DisCrit) in Education"

On February 22 the Haas Institute's Disability Studies Cluster and the Graduate School of Education hosted a talk by Subini Ancy Annamma, who is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas. The title of...

Victor Rios on 'the Mis-Education and Criminalization of Black and Latino Boys'

Victor Rios, Sociology Professor at UC Santa Barbara, visited UC Berkeley on February 2 to discuss the criminalization of Black and Latino boys, and his nearly 20 years of research examining the perspective of youth experiencing punitive social...

Responding to Educational Inequality

This policy brief reviews scholarship by members of the Race, Diversity, and Educational Policy Cluster of the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at the University of California, Berkeley to advance a broader and more complex...