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Belonging: a Weekly Practice Space (BaWPS) is a free, weekly, drop-in space from the Othering & Belonging Institute. In form and content, it responds to some of the most consistent questions we get about belonging:

  • Is belonging a destination, a practice, or both?
  • How do we cultivate the skills, flexibility and muscle to make belonging real?
  • How do we balance belonging in society at large, for ourselves, and in our relationships?
  • How can we be in a consistent relationship and dialogue with the Institute? 

This Facilitator’s Guide brings together the key ways that we created the container for BaWPS and detailed agendas for five of our “greatest hits” (which simply means that we like how they balanced topic, activity, and group sharing in diverse ways). This guide is aimed at shining light on our efforts in order to allow you to consider them for your adoption or adaptation. In the spirit of co-creation, we hope you will adjust them, make them your own and share back so that we can continue to iterate together!

Intended Audience

  • People interested in facilitating belonging or about belonging in groups or organizations.
  • People who are interested in a variety of learning modalities or adding new facilitation techniques to their toolbox.

Recommended Use

  • One hour sessions where you want to explore different elements of belonging in an embodied, creative and dialogue-based format.
  • For greatest impact, we recommend these as a series or with consistent repetition, but they can also be used as standalone sessions.

Learn more about Belonging: A Weekly Practice here.