Educational Management & Adminstration

Tina Trujillo

Tina Trujillo is an Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education. She earned her Ph.D. in Education from UCLA and her M.A. in Education from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is a former urban public school teacher, school reform coach, and educational evaluator. At Berkeley, she teaches Ph.D. students in Policy, Organization, Measurement and Evaluation (POME) and school and district leaders in the Leadership for Educational Equity Doctoral Program (LEEP) and the Principal Leadership Institute (PLI). 

Takiyah Franklin

Takiyah Franklin serves as a core member of the Othering & Belonging Institute faculty research clusters and program teams, supporting cluster research and Othering & Belonging Institute program activities. Takiyah works with the Associate Director and Institute staff to provide direct coordination, program development, and administrative support to both plan for and organize cluster and Institute project activities and agendas.

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