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Waldo Martin and Denise Herd during an interview on Who Belongs?
Waldo Martin and Denise Herd during an interview on Who Belongs?

Launched in Fall 2018 as the Institute's official podcast, Who Belongs? demonstrates our commitment to public dialogue. The question of who belongs in our societies, whether local, national, or global, is one of the central drivers that underpin how people are othered, or how the conditions of belonging are created. Our podcast addresses this foundational question to open pathways to explore a range of policies, movements, scholarship, and narratives that get us closer to the goal we seek, which is to advance a society where all belong.

The podcast is unique in that it blends our conceptual frameworks with real actions being undertaken across different communities to remove impediments to belonging. It delivers stories that make the issues we examine resonate with audiences in a different way than scholarship alone. In Who Belongs?, our audience hears directly from people who are deeply engaged in issues around the question over who belongs. Their insights, experiences, and stories provide practical applications for complex issues, and highlight everyday manifestations of sometimes abstract frameworks.

Who Belongs? is produced and hosted by the Institute's multimedia associate Marc Abizeid, with other Institute staff sometimes lending their voices as guest hosts.

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For questions about the podcast email marcabizeid@berkeley.edu.