Testimonials: In Their Own Words 

"The breakout session ‘Operationalizing Bridging: Building a Bigger We’ was FANTASTIC: great speakers on interesting projects, with the opportunity to go deeper in mini-breakout conversations. Would love more of that."


2019 attendee Joanne Calderon at the participatory dance breakout led by CONTRA-TIEMPO

"I was impressed with how connected the breakout was to the theme of the conference, but the participant engagement was the most powerful part of the breakout. The presenter demonstrated how to create community and belonging in a way that I could replicate."


Member of Aswat Ensemble

“More breakouts should be like ‘Rewriting the Future.’ It was extremely interactive, got our imagination flowing and left us feeling inspired.”

"The sessions gave an equal balance of information and inspiration. Very helpful for moving forward in these challenging times."

"So many presenters were amazing but there was something about Casey’s presentation with Eryn and Thomas that literally gave me chills. It was a historic conversation that will live one for centuries."


Apasalooke hip-hop artist and dancer Supaman Christian Takes Gun Parrish.

"Linda Sarsour and the ‘Will the Future be Feminist?’ panel jump to mind with their tangible, relatable stories that easily depict inequity and overcoming, and their ferocious power, love, commitment to fighting the good fight. Truly though, I have profound takeaways from every single presenter and collectively they have shaped how I will now move through the world. I am so immensely grateful!"