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This workshop will feature Marina Magalhães and will be centered on the topic of Radical Embodiment and Systems Change.

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ASL interpretation will be available

Speaker bio:

Marina Magalhães is a border-crosser, bridge-builder, and dance-maker from Brazil living in unceded Tongva land, currently known as Los Ángeles. Known for her uniquely moving performances and radically inclusive workshops, Magalhães invites movers of all kinds to find the connection between movement-making in the body and movement-building in our communities. Her choreography has been called, “stirring... hypnotic,” by the LA Times and, “riveting... a physical and emotional feat,” by South Africa’s Creative Feel Magazine. As a community-rooted artist, she has led and contributed to many pedagogic initiatives dedicated to sharing dance as a tool for healing justice, racial equity, and social-movement building— most notably, the Dancing Diaspora platform she ran from 2017-2021 in partnership with Pieter Space and many local artists. As an academic-interventionist, she has taught at UC Riverside, Cal Poly Pomona, Scripps College, and is currently a Visiting Lecturer at UCLA. Magalhães holds a B.A. degree from UCLA’s Department of World Arts & Cultures/Dance an M.F.A. degree in Dance from University of the Arts.

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