Video: john a. powell at the Collective Impact Forum


May 14, 2019

On Tuesday, May 14, Director john a. powell presented a talk during the opening to the 2019 Collective Impact Convening's plenary session in Chicago. He explained why the Institute was changing its name from having "inclusion" in it, to "belonging." He said: "The way most people think about inclusive is you're joining something. Something is there. So you show up sort of as a guest. You can join my law firm. You can join my school. ... But it's mine. So you come with the ... structure already set out. And then you as the joiner, which is oftentimes a member of a marginalized group, you're expected to make all the accommodations for this new thing. ... Belonging suggests that when you join something, you participate. You have the power and standing to participate in the co-creating of the thing you're joining. So you're not joining as a guest. It becomes our thing, collectively."