November 4, 2019

BERKELEY, CA: UC Berkeley’s “Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society” on Monday changed its name to the “Othering & Belonging Institute,” allowing the Institute to establish a unique identity at the university and position itself to more effectively engage with the Institute’s rapidly expanding external audiences.

But the core mission and values of the Institute remain the same, and the new name and visual identity have no effect on the organizational structure of the Institute. 

Since 2012 the Institute has been a hub made up of engaged scholars, researchers, communicators, culturemakers, community partners, and other stakeholders committed to care for the earth and transformative work that advances a more fair and inclusive society.

The new name is derived from the “Othering & Belonging” framework developed by Director john a. powell that has guided the work of the Institute since its inception.

The name juxtaposes the struggle between two competing stories emerging in the world today. 

The “othering” story is one that uses fear to exclude and divide people. By contrast, the “belonging” story is one that emphasizes peoples’ shared humanity, and seeks to include all groups in society.

Over the past several years the Institute has gained global recognition for its Othering & Belonging framework.

In 2015 the Institute hosted its first “Othering & Belonging” conference to provide a forum where a diverse audience could assemble together for an examination of the framework and how it plays out in everyday life. The Institute followed up with two more “Othering & Belonging” conferences, in 2017, and earlier this year.

The Institute also publishes a journal with the same name, which features articles that examine forms of marginalization through a blend of academic research, policy analysis, art, and engaged practice.

For more information about the name change visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Also: Read a letter announcing the name change from Director john a. powell published Monday morning.

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