June 16:  Toward Belonging Digital Dialogue with john a. powell, Catherine Fieschi, Mathieu Lefevre, and Abdul-Rehman Malik, and spoken word with Muneera Pilgrim

Dark green graphic with images of 5 people - speakers for the Toward Belonging livestream on June 16

June 16:

Tune into the livestream on any of the following channels:

YouTube: https://youtu.be/mHA0-Fu5mKk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/otheringandbelonging/posts/1456936771144866

Twitter: @oandbinstitute

Questions will be taken by chat across all three channels above. The livestream will be recorded and available for viewing on our YouTube channel. 

Join us for our first Toward Belonging livestream discussion on June 16 for a conversation about the possibilities of and threats to belonging in the Europe and the US and how COVID19 and the global uprisings for Black Lives Matter are shaping new community responses, policies, and dynamics. These conversations will explore ways we can work together to help shape policies and practices that move us toward a shared story of belonging. 


  • john a. powell, Director of the Othering & Belonging Institute and a Professor of Law, African American, and Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley.
  • Catherine Fieschi, Director of Counterpoint UK, a comparative political analyst and studies populism, risk, political and social identities, and institutions. Catherine's most recent book is Populocracy.
  • Mathieu Lefevre, CEO and a co-founder of More in Common, previously co-founded Make.org and Executive Director of New Cities.
  • Abdul-Rehman Malik (moderator):  journalist, educator, and cultural organizer. Yale Divinity School and Yale University Council of Middle East Studies.
  • Featuring a spoken word performance from Muneera Pilgrim, international poet, cultural producer, writer and broadcaster. Co-founder of the Muslim hip-Hop and spoken word duo Poetic Pilgrimage.

Online event. Free and open to the public. Captioning will be provided in English. 

Toward Belonging is an initiative between the Othering & Belonging Institute, More in Common, Counterpoint UK, Queen Mary University of London, and Sciences Po University in Paris.  For the past year we have been working together, along with a growing network of social change partners, to connect work across geographies and disciplines that can mount a challenge to rising authoritarianism, widening inequality, and politics based on exclusion and division.