As we track the historic Women's Health Protection Act through a divided Congress and await the SCOTUS hearing of Mississippi's direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, the urgency of this moment and shifting landscape is catalyzing movements across the country. Hear from leaders on the front lines of legal advocacy, political strategy and grassroots organizing who are mobilizing to defend attacks on reproductive rights. Since the start of 2021, legislators in 47 states have introduced over 561 anti-abortion provisions with 97 new restrictions already in effect, disproportionately affecting communities with barriers to health care. BIPOC, LGBTQ communities, immigrants, young people, rural communities and people with disabilities are put at risk when denied safe abortion access and the right to control decisions about health. Join us as we reflect on what is happening today and what is coming, in the biggest fight for reproductive justice in a generation.


This event will be live captioned on this page.