Video: Storming the Capitol: Trumpism's last Stand? | #AskOBI
On Friday, Jan. 8, 2021 OBI Director john a. powell and law professor Ian Haney Lopez discussed the chaos in Washington, D.C. when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building demanding Congress halt the certification of the presidential election results.
Podcast: The struggle against Islamophobia in France
In this episode of Who Belongs?, we speak with two activists based in France — Yasser Louati and Houria Bouteldja — about the intensification of Islamophobia and state repression unfolding in the country following Samuel Paty's gruesome murder.
Video: The Surveillance State, Social Safety, and Building Power
While technology has made it easier to connect with faraway family and friends and gain access to the world’s libraries of information, it has also led to a stark loss of privacy through widespread data collection and surveillance by both government agencies and for-profit companies.
Implementing Targeted Universalism
This paper is one of several upcoming case studies that demonstrate how the Institute's Targeted Universalism framework is being put into practice by local organizations and governments.
Video: The Economics of Belonging
On December 10, OBI hosted the third Toward Belonging digital dialogue series consisting of a discussion about the possibilities and potential of an economics based on belonging.
Anti-Black Racism in the Arab Region
This panel was organized by the Arab American Cultural Center on November 24, 2020.
From Inclusion to Belonging: Adjusting Race at UC Berkeley
On November 23, Director powell gave a talk at UC Berkeley's Anthropology Department for the Department's Anthropology Colloquium about the challenges of confronting racial bias and exclusion in academic institutions such as Berkeley. Director powell...
Video: Why the Electoral College poses a threat to democracy | #AskOBI
The Othering & Belonging Institute's political participation analyst Josh Clark explains the undemocratic nature of the Electoral College. Despite Joe Biden getting over five million votes more than Donald Trump, the election in theory could have...
Video: The future of freedom: Reparations after 400 years
On November 18, 2020, a distinguished panel of scholars consider what the question of reparations means for this freedom’s fulfillment and what kind of future could follow for African-Americans beyond 400.
The Most Segregated (and Integrated) Cities in the SF Bay Area
Intra-municipal segregation is more apparent in large cities with racially identifiable areas, like Oakland. But smaller, more racially homogeneous cities, like Lafayette, segregated their residents from people of different races through municipal boundaries and exclusionary policies, resulting in inter-municipal segregation.
Community-based Insulin
Click to download a PDF of this report. At the age of twenty-six, Alec Smith slipped into a diabetic coma and died, just one month after aging out of his mother’s insurance and learning his insulin and related supplies would cost $1,300 per month out...
Leading for Belonging
On November 12, Professor john a. powell explored the importance of leading for belonging at a Webinar offered through the Transformational Education Leadership program.
Video: How accurate are exit polls in 2020? | #AskiOBI
Josh Clark, our institute's Political Participation Analyst, explains the problems with the narratives coming out of the 2020 elections about how certain demographic groups voted.Transcript:Josh Clark: I’ve been seeing a lot of hot takes already...
Berkeley scholars dissect Trumpism in new volume
A pair of UC Berkeley research institutes on Thursday co-released a collection of essays from influential scholars that examine the political conditions that led to the rise of Donald Trump and some of the consequences of his presidency on US society and the world.
Trumpism and its Discontents
As the world bids farewell to perhaps the most polarizing and bizarre presidency in modern US history, the new book, "Trumpism and its Discontents," produced by the Othering & Belonging Institute and published by the Institute of Governmental Studies, offers a deep and crucial examination of how we got here.

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White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality

Join author Sheryll Cashin for a book talk about her recently-released White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality, followed by a conversation with john a.

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