Religion and Health Care: A Series of Scholarly Conversations

Social Science Matrix, Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley
September 06, 2019
9:30am - 4:30pm

religion and health care flyerReligion and Health Care: A Series of Scholarly Conversations

All events will occur at the Social Science Matrix, Barrows Hall.

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9:30am - 10:45am: Religious Healthcare: What's For Sale?
Chair: Ronit Stahl (UCB)
Liz Sepper (UT-Austin), Monica McLemore (UCSF), Robert May (UC-Davis)

11am - 12:15pm: Values in Conflict: Religious Hospitals and Religious Diversity
Chair: Susan Schweik (UCB)
Rosemary McNatt (SKSM), Anu Gomez (UCB), Gill Frank (UVA)
[Lunch Break]

1:45pm - 3pm: What Outcomes Matter? Assessing Medical, Ethical, and Religious Harm
Chair: Lori Freedman (UCSF)
Kira Shepherd (Columbia), Debbie Stulberg (Chicago), Osagie Obasogie (UCB)

3:15pm - 4:30pm: Journalists and Scholars: How to Talk about Religion and Health Care in Public
Chair: Elena Conis (UCB)
Amy Littlefield (Rewire.News), Jenny Gold (KHN), Kaya Oakes (UCB), Ena Valladares (CLRJ)
Note: For information on the "Bishops and Bodies: Religion and Reproductive Health Care in 2019" event taking place on Thursday, Sept. 5, visit: