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Ramon Quintero is the equitable planning analyst at OBI. As part of the community power and policy partnerships program, he supports collaborative research projects to evaluate State sponsored pilot programs that seek to improve equity around environmental, transportation, land use, housing, and economic justice. He uses an intersectional, multidisciplinary, participatory approach to conduct analysis.

His past graduate level research work at Berkeley and UCLA has focused on the displacement effects of uneven regional development in rural Mexico. His research experience also covers Latin American immigrant integration in the United States and in Spain. He is currently working on researching the rise of nationalism, rightwing politics, and anti-democratic, anti-immigrant movements in the United States and Europe.

Born in Mexico, Ramon grew up in California where he learned about the positive effects of having a sense of belonging to a community of immigrants that have shaped his path. He holds graduate degrees in Urban Regional Planning and Latin American Studies from UCLA and dual degrees in Ethnic Studies and Geography from UC Berkeley.