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We believe our democracy needs a new social compact, one that is based on a set of core inclusive values. The compact recognizes our fundamental belief that we are linked by our common humanity, that we are bound together in our work to secure a fair and inclusive democracy, and that we are united in our commitment to care for each other and the Earth. 

We will not allow the normalization of hate, exclusion, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia in our society. These forces betray our values and if remain unchecked will overwhelmingly harm all people, our living planet, our future generations, and democracy itself. 

The compact recognizes that we may have many different strategies for achieving our goals, but we are united by common values that guide our actions. The values in this compact are nonpartisan and reflect our grounding in a morality that recognizes the worth of all people. We believe these values are central to any legitimate democratic government.

While this compact originates in the United States, we believe its values are global. We invite all people to join us in signing it, sharing it, and living it. We understand the values and practices in this list may not be comprehensive, so we invite all to take this as a base for creating an inclusive social compact for your own community, campaign, organization, school, house of worship, place of business, or any other effort that desires to operate based on these shared values. While we recognize there will be many different strategies to achieve our goals, the core values we hold are non-negotiable.

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