Podcast: Mobilizing Hard-to-Count Populations for Census 2020

Download an MP3 of this interview. In this episode of Who Belongs? we speak with Michael Gomez Daly, the director of the Inland Empowerment coalition, and Sky Allen, who is the coalition's census coordinator, about their efforts to mobilize people in...

Rights groups applaud SCOTUS ruling blocking citizenship question from 2020 census

A coalition of policy and civil rights organizations extend cautious praise for Thursday’s US Supreme Court ruling blocking the Trump administration from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 US census as part of the Republican Party’s strategy to diminish the political representation of immigrant communities for its own political gain.

Podcast: The Stakes for the 2020 Census with Michael Omi and Stephen Menendian

In this episode of Who Belongs? we discuss the topic of the US Census with Professor Michael Omi, who is an affiliated faculty member of our Institute, author of Racial Formation in the United States, and one of only a handful of experts on the US Census.

Michael Omi on Racial Classification, Colorblindness, and the Instability of Race

Michael Omi, an associate professor of Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, presents a June 6 talk on "Racial Classification, Colorblindness, and the Instability of Race."

How distinct ethnic groups became 'Hispanics'

Cristina Mora, Associate Professor of Sociology at UC Berkeley and member of the Haas Institute's Diversity and Democracy cluster, presented earlier this month on her book, Making Hispanics: How Activists, Bureaucrats, and Media Constructed a New American.