In the last two decades, we have seen increased Islamophobic attacks against Muslims in non-Muslim majority countries in nearly every corner of the globe. Such attacks appeared in discriminatory laws, administrative policy, judicial activities, and public actions of state officials and private citizens that single out Muslim persons. In response to this phenomenon, we have developed these reading resource packs to understand the origin, motivations, and underlying power structures that generate and support global Islamophobia.

Join the authors of these reading packs as they engage in conversation on how to challenge discourses and actions that discriminate against Muslims and how to ultimately foster a world of belonging worldwide.


  • Elsadig Elsheikh, Director of GJP, O&B Institute.

  • Dr. Farid Hafez, Co-founding editor of the European Islamophobia Report.

  • Dr. Linda Hyökki, Coordinator, Independent Researcher).

  • Dr. Rhonda Itaoui, Director of the Centre for Western Sydney at Western Sydney University, Australia.

  • Basima Sisemore, Researcher, O&B Institute (Moderator).


  • Islamophobia in Asia-Pacific RRP: Elsadig Elsheikh and Rhonda Itaoui.

  • Islamophobia in Europe RRP: Elsadig Elsheikh, Farid Hafez, and Linda Hyökki.