Inequality Policy Brief


March 31, 2017

A major policy brief from the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society offers a proven roadmap to end extreme inequality in the United States. The brief, entitled “The Path to a Fair and Inclusive Society: Policies that Address Rising Inequality,” names six basic solutions to tackle what may be the greatest problem of the 21st Century. 

These solutions include:

-increasing the minimum wage

-expanding the Earned Income Tax

-building assets for working families

-investing in early childhood education      

-making tax code more progressive

-ending racial segregation

The brief was released to the public during a major kickoff event in Washington DC, where Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California and Congressman Steven Horsford of Nevada gave keynote speeches that emphasized why addressing inequality is so critical to the future of our nation and world.

The Haas Institute’s brief “shows just how entrenched the barriers to economic opportunity have become over the last several decades,” Congresswoman Lee said. “It should really be required reading for every member of Congress.”

Key facts and figures from the brief:







































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