Homeownership Built to Last


The ups and downs in housing markets over the past two decades are without precedent, and the costs—financial, psychological, and social—have been enormous. Yet Americans overwhelmingly still aspire to homeownership, and many still view access to homeownership as an important ingrediant for building wealth among historically disadvantaged groups. 

This timely volume reexamines the goals, risks, and rewards of homeownership in the wake of hte housing bubble and subprime lending crisis. Housing, real estate, and finance experts explore the role of government in supporting homeownership, deliberate how homeownership can be made more sustainable, and discuss how best to balance affordability, access, and risk, particularly for minorities and low-income families. 

Haas Institute Director  john a. powell contributed to the first chapter, "Homeownership, Wealth, and the Production of Racialized Space." To purchase this book, click here to buy it from the publisher or here to buy it from Amazon.