Fighting Exclusion: Fair Housing Panel Flyer
Fighting Exclusion: Innovative Approaches to Fair Housing Law

Housing is the hub of opportunity, and the gateway to a better life. Californians are in the midst of a state-wide housing crisis while federal housing policy has entered a new phase. A recent Supreme Court win establishing disparate impact under the Fair Housing Act coupled with the Department of Housing and Urban Development's new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule have renewed the promise of ending housing segregation. Come learn about the next frontier in fair housing advocacy: challenging exclusionary land use ordinances. Localities across the country, including in the Bay Area, employ facially neutral zoning and other land use laws to exclude renters and other low-income people. These policies disproportionately impact prospective residents who are black, Latino, individuals with disabilities, or families with children. This panel discussion will address the new HUD rule, the Supreme Court case, and opportunities for challenging exclusionary land use laws.

A panel discussion featuring: 
Stephen Menendian - Assistant Director and Director of Research at the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Kim Savage - Private practice land use and fair housing attorney

Paul E. Smith – Chief, Intake Branch, Region IX Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Sponsored by the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society and the California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund (CaRLA).

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