Upcoming Events

Mar 04
A Virtual Series Presented by the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues and the Department of African American Studies & African Diaspora...
Mar 04
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2pm PT / 5pm ET
Mar 05
2021 MLI Symposium Click here to register! An all-day, fully-online, no-charge pandemic edition of the Municipal Law Institute Symposium, presented...
9 am - 5:30 pm
Mar 05
In the Shadows of Whiteness: Race, Religion, and Radicalization in the Time of Pandemics Friday, March 5 | 12-1:30 pm Online, register here to...
12 - 1:30 pm
Mar 12
Trumpism and its Discontents Live webcast: Friday, March 12 12–1 p.m. (Pacific) Add to calendar This event will be broadcast live on this page. You...
12 - 1 pm (Pacific)
Apr 21
The O&B 2021 Spring Virtual Summit is free and open to registered attendees. Registration is required, please use this form to register today.
8am - 5pm Pacific Time

Past Events

Oct 22
This event has ended. Click for a recording and transcript. RISE UP FOR JUSTICE: BLACK LIVES AND OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURE Livestream #4 Covid-19 and the...
2 PM ET / 5 PM EDT
Oct 22
Abolition Feminism with Angela Davis & Gina Dent 10.22 | 4 - 5:30 PM PST Live Stream Event As a politic and a practice, abolition increasingly...
Oct 20
Reimagining Nationalism: Yael Tamir In Conversation with Daniel Sargent Tuesday, October 20 | 11 am-12:30 pm Online, register here to receive a...
Oct 16
Rationality, Ritual, and Democratic Decision-Making: Perspectives from Classical Athens Friday, October 16 | 10-11:30 am Online, register here to...
10-11:30 AM
Oct 14
Where the Nation Prays: Public Religion and Sacred Space in India and Turkey Wednesday, October 14 | 12-2 pm Online, Register here to receive a...
12-2 PM
Oct 09
Join us Friday, Oct. 9 from 11am to 1pm Pacific Time on this page for a screening of Part III of Race—The Power of an Illusion followed by a one-hour...
11am - 1pm PT
Sep 25
Join us Friday, September 25 from 1pm to 3pm PT for a screening of Part II of Race--The Power of an Illusion followed by a one-hour panel discussion...
1pm - 3pm PT
Sep 23
About this event Our third Livestream event brings together leading strategists, organizers, and lawyers from the frontlines of the battle to ensure...
12pm - 1:30pm