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David J.X. González is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. He has interdisciplinary training as an epidemiologist and environmental scientist, which he applies to investigate the environmental and public health impacts of extractive industries and climate-driven disasters. His research centers environmental justice and health disparities, with the aim of informing evidence-based interventions to improve health and address persistent inequities. Recently, he has focused on the health impacts of oil and gas development and wildfire smoke, using population-level data and community-engaged methods. He also conducts studies and support programs to foster representation and inclusion in the sciences. He teaches environmental justice, environmental epidemiology, and science communication in Spanish. He is the Principal Investigator of the new EQUIS Lab and welcome inquiries from prospective students. He received a PhD in Environment and Resources from Stanford University, an MS in Epidemiology and Clinical Research from the Stanford School of Medicine, a Master's of Environmental Science (MESc) with a focus in global health from the Yale School of the Environment, and a BS in Evolution and Ecology from UC Davis.

Learn more about his work and publications on his website.