These videos, produced by the Othering & Belonging Institute and its partner organizations, were designed to encourage civic engagement and voting. Their aim is to project a more inclusive “We” and to reach disaffected nonvoters and infrequent voters, especially young people. 

We the people, not the Corporations


Are Our Elders Expendable?

Level Up Video Series

Our "Level Up!" series was developed to inspire people in nine cities across six states to vote. The cities include Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg (Florida), and Tallahassee. The video above is just the one developed for Chicago. To see all nine videos visit this page.

It Matters What WE Say

"It Matters What WE Say" is the national, unbranded version of a Get Out the Vote video created as a collaboration between the Othering & Belonging Institute and California Calls.

We Are California

"We Are California" is the California-branded version of the previous "It Matters What WE Say" video. The only difference is the addition of an end slide displaying the "California Calls" logo.

#Vote4BlackFutures 2018

This dynamic, inspirational spot uses spoken word, music, protest footage, and beautiful black imagery that captures the importance of voting. The Othering & Belonging Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society collaborated with Black and Brown People Vote to create this 90-second PSA aimed at increasing black voter engagement.

Being a Man is Hard Sometimes

Being a Man is Hard Sometimes: Produced by filmmaker Jennifer Dworkin and writers Dan Trujillo and Issac Butler, this PSA aimed at addressing gender bias toward women in leadership.  In the video a white male protagonist wrestles with a changing America and his feelings around his stature as a man being challenged as values change in his country. Ultimately, he decides that being a man doesn’t require linking himself to hostility.