The Caribbean History of an American City: Greater Miami and a Site of Colonialism

575 McCone Hall
November 18, 2015
3:40-5:00 pm

Featured Speaker: Nathan Connolly, Visiting Associate Professor of History and Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University

Sponsors: Department of GeographyHaas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive SocietyDepartment of African American Studies

Drawing on his recent book, A World More Concrete, Prof. Nathan Connolly explores the sweeping and intimate workings of capital in the urban Atlantic World. Through a history of Greater Miami, he argues for understanding racial segregation as a process of capital extraction. He also asks us to consider the development of American liberalism as a consequence of political deals and rent-seeking practices that were at once transnational, regional, and interpersonal. By interrogating the movement and concentration of people and power, Connolly casts the modern American city as a uniquely hemispheric site of opportunity and hardship.

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