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As of November 2019, the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society is now called the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley. We have a new name and a new look, but remain the same hub of engaged scholars, researchers, communicators, culturemakers, community partners, and other stakeholders committed to care for the earth and transformative work that advances a more fair and inclusive society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your name has changed, what does that mean for your work?

Since 2012, our affiliated faculty and core Institute staff have been involved in path-breaking research and innovative programming that has given life to our vision and mission to challenge the barriers to a just and inclusive society. That mission remains the same.

Over the past several years we have also become well known for our focus on "othering and belonging," a framework that has allowed us to partner with a diverse range of stakeholders engaged in social change work. Not merely analytic, Othering and Belonging is designed to be operationalized and applied in a way that can inform policy, shift discourse, strengthen movements, influence pedagogy, and deliver a set of best practices for expanding our circle of concern for all people and our living planet.

Our new name allows us to leverage the strength of this framework while giving our research organization a unique identity to UC Berkeley as well as to our growing audiences beyond our university home.

Q: Does the name change suggest any restructuring in the Institute in terms of staff or faculty roles, or program and project organization?
No. The name change has no effect on our leadership, staff, or faculty roles, or program and project management.

Q: Is the Institute still at UC Berkeley?
Yes. The location of the Institute and its affiliation with UC Berkeley has not changed.

Q: What happened to all the publications and content on your old website?
All our content, including reports, press releases, videos, interactive maps, and other resources have migrated to this new URL website. Links to content on the old website have simply been redirected to the same content on this website.

Q: Do you have a tagline?
Yes, our tagline is "Research for a Fair and Inclusive Society."

Q: What does your logo mean?
Our new name represents a commitment to expanding our “we” and advancing a future built on belonging and care for everyone and for the earth. The color palette represents the interconnectedness of humans and nature.

Q: When did the Institute begin?
The Institute was founded in 2012.

Do you have other questions? Email us at belonging@berkeley.edu.