Inauguration Day Forum Flyer
Many Haas Institute affiliated faculty, including our Associate Director Taeku Lee and Director john a. powell, will be on a forum this Friday to explore the effect of the changing political times on our work and priorities. What types of research and knowledge creation may now be needed? What policy efforts should we pursue? How can we best support advocacy and community engagement? What is required of us as public intellectuals? A Q&A will follow. Speakers include:

Kris Gutierrez, Graduate School of Education
Hilary Hoynes, Public Policy, Economics
Taeku Lee, Political Science, Law, Haas Institute Associate Director
Melissa Murray, Berkeley Law Professor and Interim Dean
john powell, Berkeley Law & African American Studies Professor, Haas Institute Director
Mark Richards, Earth and Planetary Science

Moderated by: Na’ilah Nasir, VCEI, Prof Education and African American Studies. Download the flyer