Welcome to the digital version of our 2024 conference poster gallery.

The posters in this gallery showcase various projects and initiatives that advance belonging and bridging work in different communities around the world. Click on the images below to open full-screen PDFs of the posters. 

Reimagining belonging for Latinas
Reimagining Belonging for Latinas From Virtual Spaces to Real-world Impact, by Ha Na Park & Dr. Lizeth Gutierrez
Laila Tauqeer
(Re)Imaginings: Community Building by and for Young Muslim Americans, by Laila Tauqeer
Frida Calvo
Positive coping strategies and resilience to undocumented status, by Frida Calvo Huerta
Peng Liu Nelson
Cast a space to grow the understanding of self though Somatic Experiencing and Traditional Chinese Medicine cohort, by Peng Liu Nelson


Serena McDiarmid Poster
Child & Youth Belonging in Action, by Serena McDiarmid
Rise East Poster
Rise East, by 40x40 Council & Oakland Thrives
Johanna Jones Poster
Measuring Belonging at the Oakland Museum of California, by Johanna Jones
Mariah Jiles & Amanda Shi Poster
A Tapestry of Health, by Mariah Jiles, MPH


Tricia Brand & Rachel Berger Poster
We Welcome No Hate: Signs of Belonging, by Tricia Brand and Rachel Berger
Ela Banerjee Poster
Storytelling for Justice: The Transformative Power of Oral History, by Ela Banerjee
Lilith Winkler-Schor Poster
Creatively Transforming Transportation, by Lilith Winkler-Schor
HillaryCarey Poster
Engaging people in long-term visions of justice, by Hillary Carey


Jovida Ross & Pui-ling Lew Poster
Transform the Now, by Jovida Ross & Pui-ling Lew
Fauzia Baig Poster
Co-Designing a Better Community, by Fauzia Baig, & Neb Zachariah
Amanda Cooper Poster
Building a Bigger We - Literally, by Amanda Cooper​​​​​
Zahra Rasti Poster
Mapping Collective Digital Narratives, by Zahra Rasti


James Wolfe Poster
Belonging for Health: Developing a social view of LGBTQ+ health disparities, by James R. Wolfe, MS, NCC
Amara Ahmed, Hamzeh Daoud, Fayzan Gowani Poster
Presencing Ourselves: an LGBTQIA+ Landscape, by Amara Ahmed, Hamzeh Daoud, Fayzan Gowani
Emily Blue Poster
Embracing an Ecosystem of Complexity, by Emily Blue
Jennifer Morales Poster
family, not by blood, by love, by Jennifer Morales


ROI Poster Submission
Power to Belong: People-centered power rooted in collective healing, by Tash Nguyen
Katelyn Petersen & Sara Ahmed
Impact of Services on Youth Belonging Simulated in Geospatially Accurate Synthetic Twin of the Waterloo Region, by Sama Ahmed
Ronnique Curie Poster
Earthlings, by Ronnique Currie
Justine Sun Dela Cruz poster

The Design Language of Belonging, by Justine Sun Dela Cruz 

Scranton poster

Scranton's Story, Our Nation's Story, by Julie Schumacher Cohen




Poster abstract submissions are now closed.

Poster Submission Guidelines


The abstract submission form will close when capacity is reached, or on February 25, 2024 (whichever comes first). If your abstract is accepted, posters must be submitted by March 25, 2024.

To be considered for acceptance in the 2024 Poster Showcase and OBI Digital Poster Library, submissions must include:

  • Presenter name and contact information
  • A title for your poster
  • Short description of your poster in 250 words or less

We are looking for ideas that speak to our 2024 conference themes, which include:

  • A Greater Story of "We"  
  • Places of Belonging 
  • Belonging Economies
  • Bridging Toward our Shared Future 
  • Radical Imagination: What If...? 
  • Ecological Belonging
  • Beyond Binaries: Embracing Complexity 

We will accept abstracts on a rolling basis. Once an abstract is accepted:

  • You will be notified by OBI staff member 
  • We will send you criteria for size, layout, and artwork, etc. There will be an option for large posters, and an option for smaller posters. 
  • You create and submit your poster file to OBI by March 25, 2024 - file types accepted are .jpeg, .png, and .pdf. Any posters not in one of these formats will not be accepted. 
  • OBI will arrange to have your poster printed and displayed at the conference starting Thursday April 25 in The Commons, our new public square space. 

Poster Gallery at O&B 2024

We will be accepting up to 30 posters to display in our on-site Belonging In Action Poster Gallery at the O&B Conference, April 25-27, 2024, in Oakland. There will be a designated poster session time for poster creators to interact with attendees, answer questions, and share more about your work. 

There is no registration discount for poster creators but we have a number of already-discounted registration fees as well as scholarships.

Posters will also be displayed on the OBI website along with information about poster creators. 

Please email any questions to Charlotte O'Keefe Stralka (charlotte.okeefe@berkeley.edu).
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