Seeding a Global Network for Migration and Belonging in 2024 and Beyond

Our movements for liberation cannot be successful without addressing migration, and the question of borders. This interactive workshop invites leaders from diverse fields (social justice, democracy, climate, culture and narrative strategy, development, philanthropy, and more) to consider what might be possible if we take a more integrated and global approach to the question of migration: can we see our movements for liberation as united in advancing an expansive vision of belonging?

Migration raises questions that are central to our movements for liberation: who belongs? Who decides? Who has a voice? Around the world far-right parties and authoritarians are galvanizing and weaponizing anti-immigrant sentiment as a wedge issue to win elections, advancing a narrow ethnonationalist answer to these core questions. This harms not only migrants, but also undermines our broader efforts for social justice. Yet our movements have tended to remain siloed inside of national borders, treating questions of migrant justice as separate from questions of racial, economic, climate, or gender justice. 

In this workshop we invite collaboration about how we connect our work across borders and issue areas: what resources are needed to strengthen our movements to collaborate in this urgent moment? How can we counter anti-immigrant efforts around the world? Can we share tactics, resources, and visions for belonging beyond the nation state? With major elections on the horizon (US, UK, EU) in 2024, what type of global network would support and energize us through this challenging time and beyond?

Location: The Commons

Friday, April 26, 2024