Christina Antonakos-Wallace


Christina Antonakos-Wallace is a filmmaker, cultural organizer, facilitator and life-long activist. She is the founder of the transnational initiative With Wings and Roots and on the Leadership team of the Building Belonging collaborative. Her work has centered around challenging exclusionary narratives of migration, race, and nationality; telling stories that illuminate our inherent belonging. Her films and interactive work have won numerous awards, sparked campaigns, and been exhibited in over twenty countries through festivals, schools, galleries, NGOs, and corporations, often accompanied by workshops.



Seeding a Global Network for Migration and Belonging in 2024 and Beyond
Our movements for liberation cannot be successful without addressing migration, and the question of borders. This interactive workshop invites leaders from diverse fields (social justice, democracy, climate, culture and narrative strategy, development, philanthropy, and more) to consider what might be possible if we take a more integrated and global approach to the question of migration: can we see our movements for liberation as united in advancing an expansive vision of belonging? Migration raises questions that are central to our movements for liberation: who belongs? Who decides? Who has a...
Film Screening: "From Here"
O&B 24 will feature a screening of an excerpt of film “ From Here" winner of Best Documentary from New York Human Rights Film Festival, among others. Director, Christina Antonakos-Wallace, will be answering questions following the screening, in dialogue with Usha Srinivasan of Mosaic America, about the film and their extensive work to use the film to create impact around the world. FROM HERE is a hopeful documentary featuring Tania, Sonny, Miman, and Akim - artists and activists based in Berlin and New York whose lives and futures hang in the balance of immigration and integration debates. As...