Leonie Smith


Leonie Smith is a first-generation Canadian with Jamaican heritage, dedicated to empowering people from traditionally marginalized communities to fully participate in their living, working, and social environments. She is on the Leadership Team of Building Belonging, and brings over two decades of experience in senior management within nonprofit sectors—spanning communications, fundraising, and human resources. Leonie has established three pivotal organizations. The Thoughtful Workplace focuses on fostering people-centered work cultures for organizations and nonprofits. People of Colour for Nonviolent Communication (POC4NVC) serves as a network for individuals of the global majority pursuing nonviolence and Nonviolent Communication. Additionally, the Necessary Trouble Collective (NTC) offers consultancy to movement and activist groups, emphasizing nonviolence, conflict resolution, and training principles. Holding certifications in Nonviolent Communication from The Center for Nonviolent Communication and Sociocracy from Sociocracy for All, this professional works from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, as an organizational consultant, restorative and transformative justice mediator, coach, and trainer.



Seeding a Global Network for Migration and Belonging in 2024 and Beyond
Our movements for liberation cannot be successful without addressing migration, and the question of borders. This interactive workshop invites leaders from diverse fields (social justice, democracy, climate, culture and narrative strategy, development, philanthropy, and more) to consider what might be possible if we take a more integrated and global approach to the question of migration: can we see our movements for liberation as united in advancing an expansive vision of belonging? Migration raises questions that are central to our movements for liberation: who belongs? Who decides? Who has a...