Samantha Sipin

Sam Sipin is the chairperson of GABRIELA Oakland, a member organization advancing the militant Filipino women's movement. She is a daughter of Ilokano matriarchs, a teacher, a singer and musician. As a cultural worker for the National Democratic Movement of Philippines, she strives to make and share music that inspires, consoles, and especially activates the propagandists in all of us.
Samantha Sipin


Global South Feminist Visions Toward Belonging
This session will survey feminist thought and movements from the perspectives of marginalized geographies and people of the Global South, including multiple entries of praxes to challenge the persistent exclusion of Global South feminist voices. The panel will interrogate national and transnational efforts for women’s rights and gender equity, liberation, planetary health, and belonging to help us imagine a worldmaking that brings into conversation Global South feminist thought, leadership, struggles, and practical applications. Global conversations on women's rights and gender equity often...