Global South Feminist Visions Toward Belonging

This session will survey feminist thought and movements from the perspectives of marginalized geographies and people of the Global South, including multiple entries of praxes to challenge the persistent exclusion of Global South feminist voices. The panel will interrogate national and transnational efforts for women’s rights and gender equity, liberation, planetary health, and belonging to help us imagine a worldmaking that brings into conversation Global South feminist thought, leadership, struggles, and practical applications.

Global conversations on women's rights and gender equity often situate demands, articulations, and policy interventions without Global South feminist thought, issues, and their social movements' participation. Ignoring such critical voices from global analyses limits our knowledge of policy interventions to mitigate global gender equity as well as limits our ability to challenge the structural and institutional barriers to create belonging without othering. For example, the diverged domains of inquiry (between the second wave of Western feminism and the transnational context of Global South feminist movements) point to the absence of multi-entries and global perspectives to advance such rights and equity.

Notably, Global South feminisms and feminist movements address questions of women's rights and gender equity and simultaneously address questions of national and transnational efforts for liberation and self-determination, the health and sustainability of our planet and natural resources, and cross-movement solidarity. Grappling with such questions and issues –at the national and transnational level– was and is critical to the Global South's visions of worldmaking. To bridge these gaps, deepen our understanding of demands and articulations, and to shed light on such thoughts and visions, this panel brings broad perspectives and reflections on the historical and contemporary problems, critiques, and praxes identified and developed by some Global South feminist movements. Importantly, the discussion will help us imagine a new worldmaking that centers on the Global South's feminist thought, leadership, struggles, and practical applications.

Location: OMCA James Moore Theater

Friday, April 26, 2024