Nana Fofie Amina Bashir

Nana Fofie Amina Bashir is a cultural organizer and expressive arts therapist in Bulbancha/New Orleans, LA on Choctaw, Chitimacha, & Houma lands.


As an artist and facilitator, she works with grassroots organizations and community groups that are working to create arts and culture programs, decolonize spaces and justice movements, and to develop and expand accountability practices. As a therapist, Nana Fofie provides culturally resonant, narrative, arts, and movement therapy to individuals, families, and groups, with a focus on marginalized populations. A spiritualist (okomfo paynin) and healing practitioner trained in the Akom tradition of West Africa, Nana Fofie is one-quarter of The Wind & The Warrior, a collaborative that works with spiritualists and practitioners, organizers, and artists to co-learn and integrate cultural and traditional practices for deeper integration and greater impact of our missions. 

photo of Nana Fofie Amina Bashir


Different Histories, Parallel Stories: Black and Native People Bridging for Climate Justice
Since the colonization of what is now known as the United States, Black and Native people have had parallel experiences of violence and oppression, and have been in each other's lives in different ways. While some Native groups provided sanctuary to formerly enslaved Africans, others made a lucrative business returning runaway enslaved people. While some Africans helped Natives, other Africans played a significant role in battles against Native Americans. Today a group of Black and Native advocacy leaders and culture-bearers recognize the importance of working together to address climate...