John Wood, Jr.

John Randolph Wood, Jr. is National Ambassador of Braver Angels, America’s largest grassroots, bipartisan organization dedicated to the work of political depolarization. He is co-host of The Braver Angels Podcast and host of the upcoming, The John Wood, Jr. Show. 


Wood is also a former nominee for congress and a former vice-chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County. Nationally recognized as a leading thinker on matters of political and racial reconciliation John’s writings on race, politics, religion and moral philosophy have been featured in publications including The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Examiner, USA Today, Real Clear PoliticsQuillette Magazine, Areo Magazine and Reflections (a journal of the Yale School of Divinity). He has spoken to audiences ranging from the Aspen Institute to the Global Philanthopy Forum, The Philanthropy Roundtable, CPAC and colleges and universities across the country. Wood is a board member of Strive Arts and Academics, working to expand educational opportunities for underserved youth in inner-city Los Angeles, and is an advisor to the American Project; an initiative of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy dedicated to restoring the communitarian roots of the conservative movement.

Wood is the grandson of the late record industry pioneer Randy Wood of Dot Records fame. He lives in South Los Angeles with his wife and three children.

photo of John Wood, Jr.


Bridging in Practice
Throughout O&B 2021 we’ve discussed the urgency of bridging across lines of difference, including across ideological lines, which can sometimes be the most difficult bridge to cross for those of us working towards belonging. In this discussion, OBI Director john a. powell will model bridging across ideological lines in a live bridging conversation with conservative John Wood, Jr., a national leader for Braver Angels , a grassroots, cross-partisan organization dedicated to political depolarization. Wood is a former nominee for congress, former Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Los...