Bridging in Practice

Throughout O&B 2021 we’ve discussed the urgency of bridging across lines of difference, including across ideological lines, which can sometimes be the most difficult bridge to cross for those of us working towards belonging. In this discussion, OBI Director john a. powell will model bridging across ideological lines in a live bridging conversation with conservative John Wood, Jr., a national leader for Braver Angels, a grassroots, cross-partisan organization dedicated to political depolarization. Wood is a former nominee for congress, former Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, a musical artist and a noted writer and speaker on subjects including racial and political reconciliation. This conversation will be facilitated by Uma Viswanathan, founding Executive Director of New Pluralists Collaborative, of which both Wood and powell are involved as “field builders.” This conversation is meant to put us in the “stretch zone,” which exists beyond our comfort zone, but comes before our so-called “panic zone”.
Tuesday, October 19, 2021