Jason Muñiz

Jason Muñiz (he/him/él) is site director of UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project. He has led the development of UCBHSSP's programmatic support for implementing Ethnic Studies courses in addition to leading professional development and developing curricular models for H-SS teachers more generally. Before coming to UC Berkeley, Jason worked as a Social Science educator in South Florida and East Oakland. During his time in the Bay Area, Jason piloted and implemented Ethnic Studies curriculum for the Oakland Unified School District. He also brings a passion for integrating technology and gamification into educational practices.
It's a fish


Bridging Through High School Ethnic Studies
The UC Berkeley High School Ethnic Studies Initiative (HSESI) is a collaboration between the American Cultures Center, Department of Ethnic Studies, and History-Social Science Project intended to develop curriculum materials to support Bay Area teachers and school districts meeting the 2025-26 school-year rollout of the California Ethnic Studies high school graduation requirement. This breakout session is intended to support HSESI’s efforts, foster Bay Area teacher leadership and resource sharing vis-à-vis the graduation requirement, and place in conversation OBI’s bridging and belonging...