Dev Noily

Dev Noily serves as Senior Rabbi at Kehilla Community Synagogue in the Lisjan Ohlone territory of Huchiun / Oakland, CA, a community shaped by the rhythms of Jewish sacred time, and by the ancient calls to love, and not to oppress, the "stranger".

They are the co-founder of Jews on Ohlone Land.
photo of Dev Noily


Gathering the faithful and the secular: Cross-belief bridging for social justice and belonging
Faith leaders of many religions have long been at the forefront of movements for social justice, and yet are often overlooked in the stories and narratives we tell about those very fights. This is perhaps due to a longstanding discomfort and disconnect between secular justice leaders and those who are faith-based, despite the central role that religious belief and spiritual communities play in the lives of people of all backgrounds. Indeed, it may be deeply remiss for those of us fighting for justice and belonging to overlook the opportunities inherent in bridging with faith and spiritual...