Dinah Bons


Dinah Bons (she/her) is a trans politician, former head of Amsterdam BIJ1 faction in the city council of Amsterdam, chair of ESWA, Trans United Europe, director of the Trans United Clinic, part of the Amsterdam-based H team, and also works as an actor and creative strategist for Female Economy and is chair of Raymi Sambo Maakt.

Dinah is a specialist on diversity and inclusion, decolonisation, and anti-racism. She feels strongly connected to the trans, sex worker, and HIV communities, and works with passion on intersectional decision procedures and out of balance power mechanisms.

Dinah Bons headshot


Towards Gender Justice: Visions of Intersectional Organising
A context of rising authoritarianism emphasises more than ever the need for unified struggles across marginalised communities. As the far-right increasingly deploys divide and conquer tactics to pit marginalised communities against each other, more and more communities experience specific forms of structural exclusion.