Towards Gender Justice: Visions of Intersectional Organising

Location: Atelier 1

This panel brings together activists involved in the Equinox Initiative for Racial Justice to exchange on forms of intersectional organising toward gender justice in the European context.

A context of rising authoritarianism emphasises more than ever the need for unified struggles across marginalised communities. As the far-right increasingly deploys divide and conquer tactics to pit marginalised communities against each other, more and more communities experience specific forms of structural exclusion. However, in some cases, the very movements and institutions tasked with defending our rights are the ones that marginalize us - reminding us that racism and exclusion is not restricted to the right.

We reflect on the challenges of achieving justice in mainstream movements. Drawing on varied experiences and perspectives on organising toward gender justice, we explore what a feminism that works for everybody (and we mean everybody) would look like? How can our movements centre racialised communities, sex workers, queer and trans women? What are we doing to build that?

In a moderated panel, we will have a free flowing conversation between the activists on the panel. For 25 minutes at the end of the session, we will bring audience members into the conversation.

About the Equinox Initiative for Racial Justice:

Equinox Initiative for Racial Justice is a people of colour-led initiative working to advance rights and justice for all people in Europe. We work in solidarity with a coalition of racial and social justice leaders and organisations to influence European Union law and policy.

“Equinox” is the alignment between the centre of the earth and that of the sun. It is a rare moment that must be seized. The racial justice field is experiencing an Equinox. With heightened awareness and political support for racial justice in Europe, we aim to build upon the momentum and increased political will to address racism at the EU level by ensuring that racialised people are at the centre of decision making on legislation and policy in the EU.


Friday, October 27, 2023