Zachary Murray

Zachary Murray is the Organizing Director at The Guild.

Prior to his work at The Guild, he led UpSouth/DownSouth Community Development, a consulting practice that provided capacity building, leadership development, and technical assistance for new and emerging Community Land Trust efforts. Previously, Zach was a program manager with the Oakland Community Land Trust where he worked to promote resident-centered solutions, community ownership, and permanent affordability through policy advocacy, technical assistance, and fundraising. Zach was a state and local policy specialist with Grounded Solutions Network. A graduate of Cornell University, Zach’s passion for community development and justice using race and place as a lens is inspired by his upbringing in Baltimore, MD.
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Bridging Government & Community Toward Land, Housing & Climate Justice
The appropriate scope of the government's role in society is a point of great debate and division. Government agencies carry the legacy of violence against and dispossession of Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities, and are often gatekeepers instead of allies, limiting the ways communities most impacted by injustice can shape consequential decisions about their neighborhoods, cities, and homelands. This can pose significant challenges to community self-determination, sovereignty, and collective vision. This session will explore the complexities of bridge building between the planet...