Xenophobia, Resistance, and the Future of the Immigrant Rights Movement

Please note, on April 27, a film team will record the ‘Xenophobia, Resistance, and the Future of the Immigrant Rights Movement’ as part of an independent documentary film being produced by Don’t Call it Content, LLC. If you do not wish to be included in the footage, please let the conference organizers know.

Our panel discussion will feature immigrant rights advocates from Mexican, Latino, Vietnamese, Jamaican and Chinese migrant communities who have been instrumental in organizing for the rights of immigrants and refugees in the United States. Through short presentations, we’ll share lessons learned from the past 15 years of organizing in the immigrant rights movement, the changing faces of xenophobia and the current migrant crisis, and stories of local communities challenging traditional notions of representation and belonging by winning the right to vote for noncitizens. 

After these presentations, we’ll invite the audience to join us in mapping out the tactics of the highly coordinated and resourced anti-immigrant movement. We will close out by collectively envisioning a future where immigrant belonging is unequivocally embraced, and by identifying the narrative, organizing, legal, and political strategies that can counteract these antagonists and get us closer to building a better world.


Saturday, April 27, 2024