Tim Kornegay

Tim is the Director of LiveFree California Coalition. Where he manages a statewide coalition of  20 Black led organizations engaged in community and police based violence reduction and police accountability.  

A lifelong resident of South Central Los Angeles Tim is no stranger to the pitfalls of growing up targeted and marginalized. Since gaining his freedom after 22 years of incarceration in August 2015 Tim has been actively involved in voter education and civic engagement for justice involved individuals committing his life to utilizing his live experience to engage in power building that uplifts the Black community in service to creating an environment where economic opportunities and safety is not a luxury for Black and Brown people
Tim Kornegay


Bridging Across Black Lives Matter: A fishbowl bridging conversation
Black leaders have lived at the intersection of protecting Black lives for longer than the hashtag’s lifecycle. The epidemic of police violence and community violence have long been lasting effects of structural racism and systemic inequity facing Black families. The question becomes, “How do we provide safety and security for Black people from the state and the conditions that fuel intercommunal violence?” Some leaders have led the call for public safety transformation, police abolition and a radical reimagining of security since the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. While the emergence...