Sijia Xiao

Sijia Xiao is a third year PhD student at the School of Information, UC Berkeley.

Her research interests are in human-computer interaction and social computing. She works on issues related to online governance and online harassment, and is particularly interested in how alternative justice frameworks such as restorative justice and transformative justice may apply to those issues.


photo of Sijia Xia


Reimagining the Politics of Technology Creation: Towards Technology for Belonging
In today’s digital era, technology is restructuring society, catalyzing fundamental shifts across the multitude of systems that define how we relate to one another. Its influence on all spheres of life presents immense possibilities for both belonging and othering. How can we use technology to bridge divides and to include those on the margins? How is technology for belonging created differently than technology that others? How can we better understand the technology tools we use or that are used on us? We’ll learn about innovative answers to these questions and learn daily technology...