Rev. Dr. Najuma Smith-Pollard

Founding Pastor of Word of Encouragement Church and Assistant Director of Community and Public Engagement at the Cecil Murray Center at USC.

Rev. Dr. Najuma Smith-Pollard is a speaker and panelist for conferences related to Women’s Empowerment, Women In Ministry, Sexual Violence Awareness, Civic Engagement and The Black Church. In addition to ministry and civic engagement work, Dr Najuma is certified coach; her program Wake Up and Win, focuses on Self-Awareness and Personal Mastery. She is a lover of social media, music, dancing, movies, Fitness, and travel. She is mother to Dorian, Zuri, and Daniel (her Angel child). The best advice Rev Najuma ever received came from her mother who told her “You can do anything you set your mind to!”
Photo of Rev. Dr. Najuma Smith-Pollard


Bridging Across Black Lives Matter: A fishbowl bridging conversation
Black leaders have lived at the intersection of protecting Black lives for longer than the hashtag’s lifecycle. The epidemic of police violence and community violence have long been lasting effects of structural racism and systemic inequity facing Black families. The question becomes, “How do we provide safety and security for Black people from the state and the conditions that fuel intercommunal violence?” Some leaders have led the call for public safety transformation, police abolition and a radical reimagining of security since the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. While the emergence...