Nicole Montojo

Nicole Montojo is a researcher at the Othering & Belonging Institute.

As part of the Community Power and Policy Partnerships (CP3) Program, she supports collaborative research projects focused on housing justice and anti-displacement strategies. Nicole is interested in exploring ways to catalyze structural changes that can transform extractive markets into new systems of collective ownership, equity, and belonging.  Her background is in issues at the intersection of urban planning, public health, and racial justice. Originally from Southern California, Nicole traces her inspiration and roots in social justice work back to the community of Asian American & Pacific Islander activists and grassroots organizations within LA’s movements for immigrant rights and racial justice that have shaped her path.


photo of Nicole Montojo


Bridging and belonging in neighborhoods: Transformative Change and Care, Starting From the Block
Over the last year, the pandemic has kept us apart and relegated many of our connections to virtual spaces. But it has also been a chance to reorient ourselves to life and relationships at the neighborhood level. How can one-to-one relationships between neighbors plant the seeds for systems change, different ways of living collectively, and bridges to belonging? Explore connections between a range of bridging efforts rooted in everyday moments of interpersonal connection ― from community care and solidarity through mutual aid organizing, to campaigns that are reimagining community safety...