Mbira dzaSoko


Mbira dzaSoko is a cultural music ensemble that honors the vibrant traditions of Zimbabwe. Established by founder Salani Wamakanganise, the group embodies a profound love for mbira music and a dedicated mission to showcase the splendor of Zimbabwe's musical legacy globally. Step into the enchanting realm of Zimbabwean music and culture with us.

Mbira dzaSoko members: 

  • Salani Wamkanganise: director of the group:  mbira, lead vocals, percussion
  • Augustine Chigamba: hosho (shakers), vocals, percussion
  • Kelly Takunda Orphan: mbira, ukulele, vocals, percussion


Opening music, with Mbira dzaSoko
Mbira dzaSoko strives to uphold and celebrate Zimbabwean culture through exceptional instruments and artistic wear. Our founder Salani Wamakangsnise naGaadza has a deep passion for music and an unwavering commitment to sharing the beauty of Zimbabwe's rich musical heritage with the world.