Lalo Montoya


Lalo Montoya, a native of Zacatecas, Mexico, and a product of the dreamer movement from Denver, Colorado, brings expertise in community organizing. His multifaceted activism is underscored by a comprehensive engagement spanning numerous years across Colorado and Nevada. Montoya has meticulously cultivated his craft, specializing in a diverse array of focal points, prominently including youth advocacy, education reform, housing equity, and immigrant rights.Harnessing the power of Latine leadership through inclusive collective action, he channels his energies into the transformative work undertaken by Make the Road Nevada, where he endeavors to catalyze his community's fight in advocating for and effectuating policies that improve their quality of life.

Beyond advocacy and activism, Montoya's pursuits reflect a harmonious fusion of passion and pastime. Whether deftly strumming the strings of his guitar or unleashing rhythmic beats on the drums, he finds solace and expression in the realm of music. Moreover, as a devoted father, he finds joy and fulfillment in shared moments of leisure, indulging in spirited gaming sessions with his daughter and family. 

It's a fish


Democracy in Crisis: The Courage to Re-Humanize One Another
This session will dive into Bridging for Democracy (B4D), a project that is developing strategies through which grassroots power-building organizations meaningfully bridge across racial, ideological, and urban-rural divides to strengthen democratic norms at a time of deep social fragmentation and dehumanization. Over the past decade, movement groups in the U.S. have invested heavily in voter outreach and significantly increased civic engagement. However, our democracy has still weakened and fragmentation is hardening. B4D partners have been conducting pilot projects in Illinois, Georgia...