Judith Mowry


Judith Mowry (she/her) has over 25 years’ experience in conflict resolution, organization development, policy facilitation and  racial justice activism. Judith was a founding partner of Full Circle Consulting, director of mediation services for a non-profit providing a wide variety of mediation programing, including restorative justice programs, and for the  Office of Neighborhood Involvement as the Effective Engagement specialist.

Judith is also the co-founder of the Restorative Listening Project on Gentrification and partnered in developing the Community Residential Siting Program for the City of Portland.

Judith is closely involved with many Office of Equity programs including public safety, procurement and Smart City privacy policy development. working with bureau staff and leadership on implementing equity and on developing policy to institutionalize effective equity practices.

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Expressions of Belonging
This session will showcase multiple expressions of belonging, illustrating the benefit of belonging being advanced through an array of organizations at different scales and locations. The session will offer a mix of stories, insights, and diverse approaches to advancing belonging. Through story, the Panelists will share how they are actively building for belonging before diving into critical questions that will uplift the throughlines of these unique projects. Participants will gain an understanding of practical expressions of belonging and be inspired to build towards belonging in their...