Joey Algier

Joey Algier is a Queer Punjabi man from middle America who made his way to New Orleans by way of San Francisco. He is the Community Engagement and Communications Coordinator for The Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans. He is also the Campaign Manager of Water Justice New Orleans; a community built and led urban water management project focused on equity, accountability, and transparency in NOLA government and city management. He also has his MS in Mental and Clinical Health which fuels his work on understanding systems that affect public health and the development of identity for marginalized communities. Joey is an avid amateur chef that connects him to his South Asian roots, a tenacious rugby player for the Inclusive Global Rugby league, and a spritz maker for any occasion.  All in all, work and leisure that helps him and others become the best versions of themselves is his bread and butter.
Joey Algiers


Resisting Austerity: Keeping Public Infrastructure Public
Austerity is not an abstract concept–it is a key feature of our day-to-day lives. Austerity–translated through public finance–changes our communities’ libraries, water and sanitation systems, education, and roads. These public systems and systems of political power are fundamentally changed so they are able to become marketable assets. To make valuable public assets valuable assets for the private sector, a number of concrete steps must be taken. These include the actions of credit rating agencies, accounting, financial, engineering, and contractor consultants. This constellation of this long...