Jarvis Williams


Jarvis Williams has more than 20 years of experience working at the intersection of religious, academic, policy, and non-profit institutions. As Director for Race and Democracy, Jarvis leads the development and implementation of a cross-cutting portfolio of work within the Horizons Project to embed a racial justice and equity lens into all areas of our ecosystem organizing. Jarvis provides both external and internal thought leadership on the inextricable linkages between racial justice and pro-democracy organizing as well as serves as a network weaver between leaders and organizations working on different aspects of this work. As an integral member of the team, Jarvis helps drive internal strategy and represents Horizons in the ecosystem.

It's a fish


Leaning into Paradox: How We Can Block, Bridge & Build Our Democratic Future Together
We are facing a moment in history that requires us to develop new organizing modalities. We have to come together to block the threats we are facing to our democratic values, we need to bridge across differences to foster broad-based movements with the widest participation, and we have to build together the future we want to live within our communities. In the quest to realize belonging for all, protect democracy, and combat authoritarian populism, movements have to be and do several things at once: how do we step into the many paradoxes of being both in resistance and restorative? How do we...